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BARF World – What We Are All About

Feeding pets their evolutionary diet (their “Bones and Raw Food? or BARF diet) is an approach to pet feeding that is a radical departure from the type of science that underpins the development of grain based commercial pet foods. This modern movement, which champions the use of evolutionary diets is based on feeding pets whole, raw, natural foods including whole raw eating bones. This style of feeding and belief in this philosophy enjoys a worldwide following that grows in numbers daily.

The manufacturers of modern grain based processed pet foods tell us that it is difficult if not impossible for pet owners or even vets to feed modern pets. They claim that only the scientists they employ are capable of determining proper nutrition for our pets. Dr Ian Billinghurst, one of the founders and shareholders of BARF World, is one of the first proponents of the BARF diet and has authored several books on the subject of biologically appropriate diets and evolutionary nutrition. He advocates the BARF diet as the most effective means of achieving genuine health in pet animals. The incredible health seen in pets fed the BARF diet has created a pet food revolution with breeders and pet owners worldwide. Our BARF patties and minces are formulated to be the closest possible diet to feeding in the wild and we humbly offer them to the pets of this world.The BARF World organization was created with one simple aim in mind, to restore health to the pets of our world through evolutionary nutrition. Our BARF culture embodies the following values and all employees and associates of BARF World believe in and adhere to these principles. The “culture? of BARF World is the energy that we put out – it is our personality, our philosophy and our thoughts, it is what is driving us most of the time. But first and foremost the common theme in BARF World is our values and these values are what guide us day by day and bond us together.

  • We produce excellent, world-class products that fulfill our promise and preserve and improve the lives of our pets and return animals to their healthy, natural and biologically appropriate raw diet.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible to our customers and our distributors, to the environment that we live in and to the animal kingdom that we serve. We take no shortcuts.
  • We expect reasonable profits but only from work that satisfies the customer needs and benefits those that we serve. Our ability to continue our research, meet our responsibilities and continue to expand the great philosophy of raw food diets depends on maintaining a financial position to achieve this. Our diets are affordable for the end user and provide excellent margins and opportunities for our distributors.
  • We recognize that the ability to complete with the giants of processed pet foods and expand our market and philosophy depends on the knowledge, imagination, integrity, skill and teamwork of our employees and our distributors and we value these qualities very highly. To achieve this, we create an environment of mutual respect and encourage distributor participation in many areas. We create a working environment that rewards commitment and performance and is responsive to the needs of our distributors and customers.
  • We are dedicated to the highest level of scientific excellence and commit our research to improving animal health and quality of life. We strive to identify the most critical needs of the consumers and their pets and we devote our resources to meeting those needs.

BARF World is committed to raising the bar on raw food feeding. We are not a marketing company selling raw food for profit only. Rather, we are a small, dynamic company doing something phenomenal. We are innovative and value-based and focused on our customers, the caretakers of pets and pets of this world. Our company is a “family? devoted to making a difference, having fun and creating opportunities for everyone.

We welcome your participation as a participant in this exciting journey forward!

   Robert Mueller has been in the raw food business for 32 years and has owned and/or operated three different meat plants servicing the greyhound, zoological parks, and the domestic pet industry with quality raw meat products. He operates from his sales office in Iola, Wisconsin.

    Lily Noon has a vast knowledge of the frozen food industry and operates a successful frozen food import/export business to various foreign countries. We currently have our home office in Danville, California.

Danville is the headquarters for both BARF World and her other business- Noon International. Lily is our company President and has been very instrumental in the company’s expansion plans.

    Dr Ian Billinghurst was the originator of the BARF concept and has written several books on the raw meat philosophy. He currently has a veterinarian practice in

Bathurst, Australia. Ian has conducted several seminars on raw feeding in the USA and in Japan.