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  1. Alice Duncan

    Need this

  2. Debby Carson

    I would love to win this. It would be nice ot have a first aid kit just for my furbaby.

  3. Ronda

    This looks like a wonderful first aide kit, I like the idea of a silver first aid gel!

  4. Can I enter without going to facebook? I have never had a first aid kit for my furfaces before!
    Think about it, that really does make sense! May the best fuzz loving human win!

  5. KRSmith

    we can’t enter if we dont have a Facebook/twitter account? doesn’t put my entry in, wants me to sign into facebook.

  6. Patricia Ewald

    I would have loved to enter this sweepstakes but I did not think it a fair exchange to be forced to allow this third party company (Wishpond) access to my personal and private Facebook friend list AND all of my ‘likes’. Therefore, I shall not enter the contest. Such a shame, it’s a great product I cannot fit into my current budget.

  7. Merry

    My dog loves Barf and it keeps him healthy, even the fleas know that he is eating Barf and we seldom see a flea and we don’t use the flea meds.

  8. Esperanza

    Pick me, thanks a lot.

  9. Marie VIola

    I would love to win, unsure how to enter though.

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