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Coconut Oil for your Dog

Published on March 5, 2018 by in BARF

By Stephanie Minturn

Coconut oil is one of the oldest and most valued remedies. You may know it for its benefits to humans but did you know that it can also benefit your dog? Many people are turning to coconut oil for it’s amazing properties including cancer treatment and prevention, reducing the risk of and lessening the symptoms of allergies and yeast infections, reducing inflammation, which is a fantastic benefit for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, and believe it or not, coconut oil also balances hormones! Coconut oil can help eliminate bad breath, help boost energy, improve the immune system, eliminate fungal infections, treat ear mites, help improve cognitive health and when used topically, can heal cuts or wounds and protect pads of paws against ice and salt! The benefits are endless!

So how much should you feed? The general rule is 1 tsp per 10 pounds  or 1 tbsp per 30 pounds and giving your pup coconut oil is really easy. You can add the oil directly to your dog’s food, give as frozen cubes or even make it in a treat. The best coconut oil to use is unrefined virgin coconut oil. This will ensure that your pup receives all of the antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that are packed into this amazing substance! Try the recipe below…


Frozen Blueberry Coconut Oil Dog Treats

Use a small silicone mold, place one blueberry in each mold space. Set aside. In a small pan, heat ½ cup of solid coconut oil until liquified. Allow to cool for a few minutes then carefully pour into molds. Refrigerate to solidify. When solid, pop them from mold, place in container in freezer.




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Stephanie, is a Registered Nurse and proud mother, of 4 whom has always loved animals and the purity and beauty they bring into the world. She enjoys researching current trends and evidence based practice in the pet industry and relating it to the healthcare industry for humans. She has passion in discovering new found knowledge with other pet owners like herself.

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