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Kick Cabin Fever: 7 Tips when being Indoors with Your Dog

By Stephanie Minturn

The winter months can be tough! We’re inside a lot more with our pets and being stuck indoors can drive anyone crazy after so long and our pets are no exception. They experience cabin fever just like us! As the snow is falling, we have gathered 7 of our favorite activities and tips to help you boot the boredom!


  • Play Hide and Seek. Hide treats around your home and let Fido sniff them out! This will definitely keep him busy!
  • Work on some simple obedience training. Just a few short sessions per day can help teach your dog new tricks and burns lots of mental energy!
  • Make some frozen treats! Feeding your BARF patties or nuggets frozen will delight your pup and give him a little something to work on. Freezing pumpkin is a great treat as well!
  • Alternate Toys. Put your dog’s toys out of his sight and only introduce one or two at a time.
  • Open Curtains and Blinds and allow in as much light as possible. This helps to balance the body’s natural rhythm and aids in preventing symptoms of seasonal blues or Depression.
  • Try to get a change of scenery. For example, sit in the kitchen with your laptop and your pup then move to the livingroom and then the bedroom. Changing rooms and positions can alleviate boredom for your pet.
  • Talk and Sing to your dog! They love hearing your voice and this will help relieve anxiety!


Stephanie, is a Registered Nurse and proud mother, of 4 whom has always loved animals and the purity and beauty they bring into the world. She enjoys researching current trends and evidence based practice in the pet industry and relating it to the healthcare industry for humans. She has passion in discovering new found knowledge with other pet owners like herself.

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