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Emergency Preparedness Tips for Dog Owners


By Stephanie Minturn

Disaster can strike at any moment, anywhere in the world. It is important to not only be prepared for yourself and your family but for your pets as well. Here are a few tips that will help in the event of an emergency…

  • Prepare a pet emergency kit including items such as at least seven days worth of food, water, medications and treats. Barf World offers freeze dried nuggets that are perfect to keep on hand just for these instances! They have a long lasting shelf life and if you are a  raw feeder, feeding freeze dried won’t disrupt your pup’s routine! Its also a good idea to pack basic first aid supplies, waste bags, feeding dishes, flashlights, toys or comfort items, extra blankets, Vet info and extra tags and collars.
  • THE ASPCA recommends placing a rescue alert sticker on or near your front door, alerting rescue workers that there are animals in the home, how many and what types. To receive a free sticker visit www.aspca.com.
  • Arrange a safe place to go if exactuation is necessary. Contact your Vet for a list of preferred boarding kennels and emergency shelters and facilities. Even certain hotels accept pets! Making a plan ahead of time will prevent more complication during a chaotic situation.
  • Be sure that your dog has up to date tags and identification and keep a copy of his medical records.
  • Pets tend to flee or wander during a crisis situation so be sure to keep leashes nearby.

A disaster situation is a stressful time but being prepared can reduce that stress and help keep you and your pets safe!

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