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The Developing Puppy and Why Raw Diets are so Important

By Stephanie Minturn

Puppies develop in stages just like humans from birth to 18 months. These stages include…

  • The Neo-Natal Stage from birth to two weeks. During this stage, the puppy is born and develops senses of touch and taste.
  • The Transitional stage ranges from weeks two to four and during this time, the puppy begins to be influenced by littermates. Eyes and ears open, senses develop and walking begins.
  • The 1st Socialization Stage refers to weeks four through eight. During this time, puppies pick up cues from littermates and humans. He begins learning social structure and becomes more aware of his surroundings. Mobility also increases.
  • The 2nd Socialization stage is marked by weeks eight through twelve. Puppies usually learn their name during this stage and develop some independence. He is now able to leave his mother. House training may also commence at this stage.
  • The Ranking Stage lasts from three to six months and is the puppy version of the “terrible twos.” Your pup may display some fear or separation anxiety during this time as he is establishing their place within the family. Try to increase socialization and decreasing fear by introducing your pup to many people. Teething also occurs during this time, so hide your shoes!
  • The Early Adolescent stage lasts from months six to month twelve. This is when your puppy might test his boundaries and push the limits. Try using positive reinforcement during this stage. Sexual maturation also occurs during this stage in non-spayed or non-neutered pets.
  • The Late Adolescent stage lasts from months twelve to eighteen. Your pup is almost fully developed by now in the physical sense but is still very much a puppy mentally. He is soaking up his training like a sponge at this stage so don’t be afraid to challenge him with even more difficult tasks.

Your growing puppy deserves the opportunity to have a high quality life. It is important for puppies in all stages to receive plenty of exercise, receive adequate rest and eat a healthy diet. This is why it is so important to feed your dog the Barf Diet right away. Why switch your pup from all the natural and plentiful goodness of mom’s milk to a diet full of grains and fillers? It only makes sense to transition your pet from one natural food source to another. Feeding your pup raw will provide him with balanced and complete nutrition, prevent dehydration, eliminate allergies right from the start and provide a strong immune system! Check out our link at https://goo.gl/avRmoi  for more information on feeding your pet a natural raw diet so that he may thrive in all stages of puppy-hood!

Stephanie, is a Registered Nurse and proud mother, of 4 whom has always loved animals and the purity and beauty they bring into the world. She enjoys researching current trends and evidence based practice in the pet industry and relating it to the healthcare industry for humans. She has passion in discovering new found knowledge with other pet owners like herself.

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