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How A Paris Discovery in 1906 Saved Our Soldiers, Fed Our Astronauts and Now Provides A Convenient and Tasty Raw Food Alternative For Our Pets!

Published on June 6, 2017 by in BARF

By Lily Noon

If you’re like me, you may remember first hearing about “freeze-dried” food around 1965 when it was introduced to astronauts in the Gemini space program! The first time freeze-dried food was consumed in space was by astronaut John Young on Gemini 3; it was a corned beef sandwich on rye and it didn’t taste quite like one from a New York deli…but it was nutritious and much more palatable than eating pureed beef and vegetable from a tube like John Glenn did in 1962 aboard Friendship 7.

Our explorations into space required foods to be lightweight, compact, nutritious and tasty.  They also had to last for a long time without any refrigeration or further preservation.  Freeze-drying food provided the perfect solution.  And anything good enough for our astronauts is surely good enough for all of BARF customers!!  The requirements are all the same…lightweight, compact, nutritious and of course tasty!

But freeze-drying actually started long before the astronauts…

Freeze-drying was first invented in 1906 by Arsene d’Arsonoval and his assistant Frederic Bordas in Paris.  But it actually was not until World War II that modern freeze-drying came into use. Blood plasma that was being sent to Europe from the United States required constant refrigeration…but often due to lack of refrigeration and logistical issues the plasma would spoil before it ever reached  our soldiers. They say “necessity is the mother of invention…and in the early 1940’s the freeze-drying technique was developed commercially so that the blood serum could be rendered chemically stable without having to be refrigerated!  It was, pardon the pun, a life-saver!

Since then the freeze-drying process has been used in many ways…not just in food preservation.  For example it’s used in the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacture of ceramics in the semiconductor industry, in the manufacture of synthetic skin and even the restoration of historic boat hulls!! But most of us are more familiar with freeze-dried foods, especially hikers and campers who have to carry their food with them.

But let’s get back to the actual process…and why it works so well for you and your pet!

Barf’s Freeze-Dried Nuggets are formulated using exactly the same healthy ingredients as our fresh frozen raw meat patties.  The nuggets are prepared according to our proprietary formulation, flash frozen and then placed in a vacuum chamber to remove almost all of the moisture.  Since as much as 98% of the moisture is removed, the finished product is extremely lightweight and compact making it an excellent choice when you are travelling with your pet.

Because the physical structure of the Barf Diet is not changed during the freeze-drying process, the finished product retains most of its color, texture and flavor when rehydrated with water…making it a great choice for even the fussiest of eaters!

It’s really all about convenience….

Barf’s Freeze-Dried Nuggets are just so convenient – they can be used as a treat or main meal!  No need for refrigeration or dry ice and gel packs!  This lightweight, easy to carry food makes travel easy and Barf’s freeze-dried nuggets can be rehydrated quickly and easily… a real plus when you need an instant treat or reward.  And as an aside…don’t you feel great knowing that the “treat” you are giving your pet isn’t filled with sugar and flavor enhancers? It’s pure, whole raw food! It’s almost summer and many of you will be traveling…don’t forget to order your supply of Barf’s Freeze-Dried Nuggets today!

Call us toll free today (1-866-282-2273) to receive your Special Introductory Offer of Barf’s Freeze Dried Chicken and Beef Nuggets!  You’ll be glad you did…and so will your pet.

After leaving her dog at a progressive kennel in Washington for 6 weeks, where they fed her dog only a raw food diet, Lily was stunned to come back to a beautiful, healthy, allergy-free dog. Knowing that there were others like her that needed to discover the amazing power of raw for their own pets, she searched for more knowledge about raw diets. She eventually found and partnered with Dr. Ian Billinghurst and Robert Mueller to create BARF World – the first company to make the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) diet conveniently available to animals everywhere.


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