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7 Easy Steps to Building a Healthy Immune System

Published on August 26, 2014 by in BARF

By Lily Noon

Immune system.  Immune system.  Immune system.  We must sound like a broken record.  It seems every week we mention something about the immune system and the necessity of keeping it strong and healthy.  Here’s why we are so obsessed with this…and perhaps you should be too.

First let me say that everything written here applies to we humans as well as our pets.  Our immune system is an internal defense mechanism – a highly complex and effective system that fights disease.   If we keep it strong and healthy, it will protect us from a variety of common germs and even the more dreaded diseases like cancer.  If we ignore it and it becomes weakened and compromised, then adverse medical conditions could certainly result.

Here are 7 steps to building a healthy immune system for you and your pet:

    • Raw Foods are beneficial for humans and pets.  That’s why we created the healthy BARF Diet.  This natural raw meat diet contains fresher, higher quality nutrients that can be more readily absorbed into your pet’s system.


Basil is high in vitamin B-6 and iron-
it’s good for your dogs


    • There are seven special herbs that possess healing capabilities and individually are not harmful to you or to your pet unless there is an known allergy to them – garlic, ginger, mint, cilantro, tumeric, rosemary and basil.  If you can grow these yourself it is even more advantageous.  Believe it or not, there are more phytochemicals in some herbs than even in vegetables, thus they become an important addition to foods when building the immune system.
    • Eliminate highly processed foods that destroy life-giving enzymatic activity for both you and your pet. This means foods processed with high heat.   Enzymes are needed for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.  When food is fresh natural, raw and unprocessed it’s alive with the enzymes needed for proper digestion.  This maximizes the body’s natural ability to heal without depleting the body’s own enzyme reserves.
    • Eliminate poor quality and ingredients – don’t eat or feed a “junk food” diet.  These have a lower nutritional and will be less utilized.  Read the labels and stay away from anything chemical sounding or that you cannot pronounce or do not understand.  It would be foolish to accept and believe an ingredient is “OK” just because a big famous company name is on the label.
    • Fasting is good for both you and your pet.  Of course it all depends on your own physical condition but generally fasting is a good way to give your hard-working organs a rest as well as detox the body.  It will not harm your dog or you to fast once a week. What it will take is a little self-discipline.  When dogs are fed kibble or we eat food that contains preservatives, chemicals, unhealthy fats then toxic build up will occur from ingesting these impurities.  Fasting is a good way to help cleanse your body and your pet’s body naturally. Try it!

Keep yourself & your dog well-hydrated.

  • Stay hydrated!  Proper hydration of the cells is critical in animals and humans alike, aiding in the prevention and restoration of tissue destruction (caused by dehydration).  Often we do not realize when we are dehydrated ourselves or that our pets may be suffering too.  Hydration from natural food sources such as the BARF diet for your pet, or serving your family lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is an effective and helpful way to prevent dehydration.  We often refer to the BARF diet as the “water-rich” diet for pets!
  • Supplement with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics as needed.  Animals with special needs during particular life stages or those suffering from acute health issues may need additional supplements over and above those found in the BARF diet.  As we grow older ourselves, we find that our doctors may recommend additional supplements like probiotics and vitamins.  For pets we recommend E-BARF PLUS, especially if your pet suffers from a weakened immune system, sensitive digestive system or a degenerative disease.


ggggAfter leaving her dog at a progressive kennel in Washington for 6 weeks, where they fed her dog only a raw food diet, Lily was stunned to come back to a beautiful, healthy, allergy-free dog. Knowing that there were others like her that needed to discover the amazing power of raw for their own pets, she searched for more knowledge about raw diets. She eventually found and partnered with Dr. Ian Billinghurst and Robert Mueller to create BARF World – the first company to make the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) diet conveniently available to animals everywhere.

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