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A King Charles Cavalier Dog With Painful, “Incurable, Genetic,” Ligament Problems

This week’s guest writer comes from Dr. Bruce West, founder of the Alternative Health Newsletter industry with Health Alert.

Dr. Bruce West's beloved dog, Baron - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, suffered from veterinarians called an “incurable genetic condition”.

A while back I wrote about a big dog with hip dysplasia that was astoundingly cured using nutrition. At that time I told you that my own dog, Baron, a King Charles Cavalier, was beginning to suffer from what is common to his breed-slipped patella tendon with severe pain in the legs. Since this is “genetic” and common to this particular breed, the only treatment is pain pills and surgery. The surgery is expensive and the long-term success rate is questionable. But most people go that route because they don’t know of any alternative, and they can’t stand to see their beloved dog suffer.

What happens with these dogs is the ligaments weaken, the patella (knee cap) ligament weakens, and the patella slips out of place causing severe pain. The dog will suddenly yelp in pain, limp around, and, as time goes on, have more and more difficulty jumping, running, and finally walking- eventually ending up crippled. The cries from the pain become more and more frequent as the patella slips more and more frequently.

With Baron, we decided to see if an “incurable genetic” condition could be cured using specific osteofactor nutrients that address ligaments in particular. I wrote a few months ago in Health Alert that I would keep you posted. Luckily we started Baron on his nutrition protocol early on in his condition. Most dogs progress to later-stage problems where their patella becomes completely and continually luxated (dislocated). Well, Baron seems to be cured of his “incurable” condition. He runs, plays, jumps around, and even jumps up on the bed and couch with no pain. There are no more pitiful yelps of agony.

The other day I was discussing Baron with my friend and one of our advisors, Dr. Michael Dobbins. He is a one of the world’s leading professors of clinical nutrition. We jokingly said, “Curing incurable conditions is such a pain.” Then we both had a good laugh. Curing Baron was so easy it was ridiculous. And you can do the same with your own dogs.

You see, when you use real osteofactor nutrients made from real, raw bone, your dog will happily gobble them up in his food. There is no force-feeding, no drugs, no painful and questionable surgeries. The whole procedure took an extra 5 seconds per day as we prepared Baron’s meal. In less than 90 days, it was all over! Of course, this begs the question, Is “incurable, genetic disease” really incurable? Really genetic? Obviously, and in many cases-in humans too- the answers are no and no.

Instead the truth is that deficiencies of real foods and nutrients mimic genetic diseases. And nutritional deficiencies and toxic, cooked diets actually cause genetic disease by damaging DNA. Families that “hand down genetic diseases” often hand down bad nutritional habits that create the same DNA damage to their kids and grandkids. So, just what did I do for Baron-the 15-pound King Charles Cavalier?

I simply gave him three products from Standard Process. I added 4 Calcifood® Wafers, 2 Biost® tablets, and the powder contents of one Ligaplex® II capsule directly onto his food. These products contain: raw bone with the marrow; the genetic blueprint of raw bone known as protomorphogen; extract of liver, kidney, adrenal and spleen; nutritional yeast; defatted wheat germ; vitamins and minerals from carrot root, beet root, oat flour, pea vine, tillandsia, and mushroom; omega-3 fats from flax oil; and more. These are all whole-food concentrates, grown organically, and processed raw-the real thing. There are just no substitutes. No other “doggie vitamins” would work.

Baron happily gobbled these up in minutes. After all, they are made from the stuff dogs love-raw meaty bones. After 30 days we could already see a difference. After 2 months we heard fewer and fewer cries in pain. And after 3 months he was actually jumping and pain-free.

How Dog Lessons Affect Humans

If we just took the time, there are so many lessons to be learned from Baron. First, of course, is that all dogs should be treated with proper nutrition before embarking on expensive, toxic, and invasive procedures. Vet surgeons spend great amounts of time learning just how to operate on the patella ligaments on these types of dogs. But they spend no time learning how to cure these dogs without surgery at all.

And just how does this all relate to you? Surgeons require years of training and practice to perform a bypass or angioplasty. It can be nasty surgery, does not cure the problem, has been called a “Band-Aid” by most experts, is dangerous, can leave you with memory loss, can fail, or can kill you during or soon after surgery. And for most generalized blockages, this surgery is not even needed. Rather, with a change of habits, a change of diet, and the correct use of clinical nutrition using the cardiofactor nutrients-real nutritional compounds and complexes and not fake or counterfeit “vitamins”-the patient can reverse their blockage or build clean, new collateral circulation around it.

Then there are the legions of people who spend their life savings on psychiatric counseling and drugs for mental problems. This includes tens of thousands of young people and teens-whose brains go begging for the proper nutrition. The use of clinical nutrition, such as the real whole vitamin B complex (Cataplex® B), minerals like Min-Tran®, omega-3 fats like Blue IceTM Fermented Cod Liver Oil, and Omega Nutrition Hi-Lignan® Flax Oil, especially for young people, could eliminate the need for years, even decades of psychiatric care and toxic drugs.

And then there are the host of toxic, ineffective, and dangerous diabetes drugs and even bariatric surgery (surgically making the stomach the size of an egg) for type 2 diabetes. These do not work over the long haul, are breaking the national bank, and are virtually bankrupting Medicare. Yet the tens of millions of sufferers need only change their diet, exercise, and use the glucose tolerance factor nutrients to help themselves normalize their blood sugar naturally with no medical treatment at all.

About the only trick for people with diabetes and all the other conditions that can be resolved with proper clinical nutrition is that most store-bought vitamins and minerals will fail. Your body requires the real thing. Counterfeit and synthetic fractions and copies of whole nutritional complexes, produced for pennies and sold at high prices are just that-counterfeits. Your body and brain wants its nutrition from whole foods-and if not possible, from whole-food nutritional supplements, complexes, and extracts. There is simply no substituting-no matter how glitzy the advertising.

And the list of dogs-to-people lessons goes on and on. As for the immediate lesson from Baron…The most amazing thing about the protocol for a dog with weak ligaments and painful joints? It can also work on humans.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Bruce West has treated and cured more people than any doctor of any kind. Today he is considered the world’s leading authority on the use of therapeutic and nutrient-dense foods, plant and glandular concentrates and extracts, as well as phytonutrients and phytochemicals for sick people in their fight against disease and suffering. Dr. West founded the Alternative Health Newsletter industry with Health Alert – to report to you the remarkable successes he routinely achieves with his patients. To sign up for Health Alert, please visit www.healthalert.com or call 1-800-231-8063.

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  1. Karen Mick

    Thank you – we have a 6 month old puppy who is in so much leg pain he yelps, cannot walk without assistance and is on bed rest from the vet. This first appeared 10/31/12 and then again 11/25/12 while he received little excercise and no walks (per vet orders). We will try the Standard Process 4 Calcifood® Wafers, 2 Biost® tablets, and the powder contents of one Ligaplex® II capsule directly onto his food. We will let you know how it goes. Vet bills are over $650 from the above vet visits, xrays and blood test for Lyme’s Disease. I have most confidence that we will have positive results. Puppy Kail thanks you!

  2. Dr. West, I have been using the products you recommended for my self. I ordered some for my Schnauser. Health alert do not show where i can order Osteofactor nutrients from. If you can give me some info on that product would be appreciated..


    Bill Miller

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