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Choosing the Appropriate Diet for Your Dog

Published on April 9, 2012 by in BARF, Nutrition

Guest blogger Shelia Rinks and two of her dogs, Clarence and Bailey.

This happens almost every night. It’s that time of the evening when I’m expected to create a nutritious dinner. I know that a lean protein and fresh veggies are the healthiest choice for my family, but it’s been a long day and the pizza delivery service’s number is staring back at me from the fridge magnet.

Just like us humans our dogs benefit most from a nutrient rich, fresh diet. There are so many parallels between human and canine diet-related diseases that we could learn much from each other.

Obesity, diabetes, gum disease, allergic reactions, kidney & liver disease and the dreaded C word—cancer—may all be preventable (if not curable) in our companion canines with the proper diet.

A proper diet contains a balance of fats, proteins and enzymes for digestion while reducing carbohydrates, grains and unnatural food products. Antioxidants reduce the levels of free radicals in a body which cause premature molecular aging.

While we have the choice between healthy dinner options or a quick fast food fix, our pets are forced to eat what we feed them. We, as owners, are responsible for choosing healthy meals for them. By doing so we can reduce the cost of medical treatments, expensive complications and surgical interventions.

Isn’t Barkley worth the very best in pet nutrition? Instead of reaching for the equivalent of a pizza delivery service for our pets, we should choose the healthy option for tonight’s dinner and their future health.

To determine the best diet for your dog, it’s best to consult with a certified pet nutritionist. Additionally, whether it is a BARF Diet or one that your pet nutritionist subscribes, be sure to also do your own your research too. It’s up to you to choose a healthy diet for your dog.

Sheila Rinks shares her home in Tennessee with her husband, four Great Pyrenees and two very well-fed kitties. She is currently pursuing certification as a positive reinforcement dog trainer and is chairing Puppy Up! Walk in Nashville, TN for 2 Million Dogs. Find her at www.2milliondogs.org/

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  1. Monika Lebbers

    There are so many dog food.I bought last year ab sweet beagle. I bought some ebooks to choose the food.
    This is a good review site: http://www.free-new-articles.com/

    • Jere

      Monika, I did an extensive search for the best food for our boxer whom we rescued and who was in terrible shape. We started her on BARF and although our Vet did not endorse raw diets she changed her mind when she saw how quickly our dog responded to the diet. In a short period of time she had put on 15 pounds, her allergies cleared up and she looked spectacular. Her coat just glistened and she has maintained a very healthy weight. Her energy level is great. I recommend BARF without reservation. Additional plus…..NO VET BILLS!
      Good for you for being such a good dog owner. Jere

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