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Promote Healing & Prevent Infection with Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel

Finally, an all-natural, odorless, non-stinging, first aid gel for the whole family – including your pup! Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is the world’s first homeopathic silver first aid gel and is the perfect alternative to conventional and herbal topical treatments, with these 4 distinct advantages:
Pet and Kid-Friendly: Sting-free formula reduces topical pain quickly and soothes the skin.

Safety: Homeopathy has no known side effects and is safe if your pet licks their wound after application.

Clean & Pure: There are no synthetic preservatives used.

Non-Greasy, Transparent & Odorless: Unlike tea tree oil, oil of oregano, and Neosporin, you and your pet will hardly notice it’s there.

Sovereign Silver First Aid Get is great for: Burning and stinging from burns, blisters or bug bites, itching, redness, and skin eruptions from rashes or infection. Stiffness and pain from minor wounds, scrapes and cuts.

Get yours today for only $14.97 at www.barfworld.com!

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  1. These medicines are very effective and do not have any side effect on your pet.I have applied these medicines to my pet.

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