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The Stools Tell The Story

When I see the various product advertisements that try to discuss personal and private matters such as Kotex, bathroom tissue, and erectile disfunction matters it is interesting to view how they dance around the subject and try to be discreet. Well- with a company name like BARF World you have to meet the subject head on and get right to the point.

One of the most often discussed questions from customers involves talking about the dog’s stools because this is the outcome (no pun intended) or the final result, should I say, of the feeding process. We manufacture a raw frozen meat diet and the BAROMETER used to determine the success of the conversion to this controversial philosophy is the condition of the stool. The color, consistency, and odor all play a role in the determination of the success. It is perfectly NORMAL for the stool to be a chalky white consistency, obviously more firm than a stool formed on a dry heat processed diet, and odor free (almost!). The stool tells the story because these three factors are the result of a more complete combustion process. The nutritional advantage is gained because the ingredients are more completely absorbed in the digestive system in a shorter period of time. This results in less toxin buildup and a significant reduction in stool volume. You know how important this is when you own a larger breed dog.

The end product (stool) is a chalky white , and has a rather hard consistency – because all that is left is the residue of ash and fiber. All the other ingredients are being utilized and goes to work to gain a nutritional advantage. So the next time your dog takes his/her morning constitution, be sure to check the stool and use it as a barometer and see how it compares to a dog that is being fed an artificial food diet. You will be amazed at the difference and the long term benefit will be rewarding.

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