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Kibble Vs Raw

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  1. sabrina

    I have a dog with diabetes which was fed raw for 6 years. He was vibrantly healthy until last year. He was diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatitus. (I believe it must have been the pork shoulder we were trying to feed him and he wouldnt eat it. He didnt eat for a few days and went into DKA) I fell into the “you must feed commercial diet” lecture that I got when he was first diagnosed and now I want to get him back into eating raw. I am just afraid of how to start it. Id love to get your food but he’s a rottie and that’d be just too expensive for me. I was wondering if you could give me some pointers. Or do you consult? Id very much appreciate you expertise. I live in a very small town and vets here dont do raw.


  2. VJ

    Our dog is still on Kibble. I have been reading a lot about the raw diets and their benefits, but for the average consumer like me, we need much more information and even “packaged” options that are easily available for us.

    • Hi Nick,I read your comtenms as well, and I think you are a member of our team— trying to spread the word about our philosophy. I would enjoy talking with you. I have a synergistic plan that might work for you. Please contact me at

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