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My Weekend

Published on April 4, 2011 by in BARF

This was my (do my taxes weekend) which I have religiously done for 40 years in Elgin, Il. We got up early and arrived in Elgin on time for my appointment. About a mile from my appointment a lady rams into the back end of my car at a stop light. It turns out to be a hit and run. No damage fortunately to my car. Elgin is 1/2 way to western Indiana where I have a very good friend that is in a nursing home. We decided to make the trip to see him as long as we were 1/2 way there. We had UBE in the car with us and she is totally lethargic. She hadn’t eaten anything for two days and we thought we would lose her for sure if she was shut down. Since I was going to Indiana anyway I decided to call Dr. Alinovi to ask her thoughts on what to do. She suggested that I come to her clinic on Saturday. That was three hours away. She mentioned that she had a spay clinic on Sunday in Western Indiana which was about 60 miles from Fort Wayne where my friend was staying. She said she would take time from her clinic to check out UBE. I grabbed the chance to see her and we made the trip on Sunday morning. Dr. Cathy is a saint. She was scheduled to do 16 spay surguries on cats and dogs. When we got there she dropped everything and gave total attention to treating UBE. She gave UBE an IV to rehydrate her, gave her a shot of vitamin B, changed her antibiotic to ampicillin because the Doxy was making her nauseated, did a chiropractic massage treatment on her, did about 12 accupuncture needle placements to relieve nausea, and did everything possible to get her to eat. The time with UBE put her behind in her other surguries but she was totally focused on getting UBE treated. After an hour we were sent on our way. UBE was exhausted and just laid on the back seat and didn’t move a muscle. We got about 10 miles from the clinic and UBE got sick and hurled all over the back of the car and made a healthy back end deposit all over the back end. She fell forward behind my driver seat and she looked like she was a goner. We rushed back to the clinic and Cathy treated her again with another IV. The trip back home was then uneventful for about 10 hours. About an hour from home I ALMOST hit two deer. My car went right between two deer that were crossing the road in front of me. 

I’m happy to be back home with no car injuries, and hopefully with a dog that can now recover from this nasty bacteria.

I would like to do something special for Dr. Cathy. Anyone have a suggestion? She would make an excellent BARF consulting vet. She is a young, but very caring person. She really went to bat to try and fix the problems that UBE has. She has consulted us all the way through this episode. 

End of story- sorry it turned out to be a little longer than I planned. 

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  1. That is kind of a depressing story, but what a great Vet. Isn’t it great that there are people like that who take the time to really care about what they are doing! I think yu should do something for her also. Maybe just some flowers and a card. Just so she knows how much you appreciate what she did.

    Cary Richards is a writer for Beauregard’s Review A dog related review blog dedicated to all things doggie.

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