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Would You Drink 16 Packets Of Sugar???

Published on November 3, 2010 by in BARF, Health

This morning I received an e-mail from W.C Douglas MD. In his newsletter he advises everyone to watch a recent video that was posted on YouTube. It shows a young boy drinking 16 packets of sugar which is supposed to relate to the amount of sugar that is contained in one 20 ounce bottle of soda. Drinking this one bottle of soda a day for one year will result in a 10 pound gain in weight. This is a real wake up call and a graphic way to illustrate the effects of sugar abuse. Many people are even more hooked on the soda consumption and consume several cans of soda daily. The results are devastating to the body. Not only the possibility of gaining weight but the eventuality of contracting diabetes or other debilitating illnesses.

The wake up call to me was the related situation we have in feeding our pets a carbohydrate laden product on a daily basis. The results are the same. Weight gain and all the related illnesses of carbohydrate excess. Not only should we be concerned about the carbohydrate overload but we should be equally concerned about the other damage caused by the daily ingestion of the fillers, additives, fat sprays, preservatives, pesticides and flavoring agents that are contained in the grain based, heat processed diets. If we are going to make health improvements for ourselves by eliminating soda from our diets then we should make similar corrections to improving the daily diets for our pets. Eliminating a grain based heat processed kibble from their diet is the first step to improving their health and longevity. Feeding a natural raw meat diet that mimics the food found in natures supply is the very best solution. Our BARFWorld raw meat diets provide this advantage. We put your pet’s health as our top priority.

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