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Too Much Of A Good Thing — Is A Bad Thing

Published on October 25, 2010 by in BARF, Health

Since the majority of our body contains water we could conclude that water is an essential component that is required to maintain life. We could also conclude that the air we breathe is equally important to maintain cellular structure and is required to maintain life. But these and several other life essential components in excess or applied directly into the bloodstream become a lethal combination.

The key word here is balance.

It is important to balance the components because too much of anything can be quite dangerous.

In a recent article, we posted a comment about the potential harm from potassium chloride. A customer challenged our comments by saying,

You can’t possibly think that Potassium Chloride is poisonous!!!  I promise you that BARF Burgers contain large amounts of potassium chloride which is the most commonly occurring natural salt in living cells.  A diet free of potassium chloride would result in certain death as soon as the body’s stores were depleted.  Potassium chloride is used for lethal injection because a large dose in the bloodstream (not intestinal tract) will acutely change the electrical current in heart cells causing the heart to stop.?

A similar situation would result from an injection of Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt).These are commonly occurring elements in the body that when injected into the blood stream will cause the heart to stop for the same reason.

Balancing the various internal systems is Mother Nature’s secret.

The body is an amazing mechanism and requires an intriguing balancing act. The complex immune system checks and balances, the delicate kidney water functions, the enzyme metabolism and digestion system and so many other complicated internal systems all need balance to function properly.

No doubt that too much of a good thing can be a lethal path of destruction. Whether it is human or animal functions, they are all dependent on maintaining a proper balance and you can’t beat Mother Nature at this game.

It is equally important to balance your dogs nutritional requirements. Again, you can’t outguess Mother Natures requirements for a balanced and complete meal. That’s why the BARF World raw meat patties are developed as close as possible to Mother Natures requirements. Providing a balance of nutrients that are designed to allow the internal systems to function properly is an important step to providing optimal health. In this case, more nutrition is BETTER.

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