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Raw Feeding Tips When Converting From Kibble

Switching your dog to a raw meat diet?

Here are some tips to help with the conversion:

  1. Try to heat the diet slightly to change the temperature and then each day back it down to feeding it raw.
  2. Add a little warm water to the mix and make a slurry out of the diet.
  3. Sprinkle a little powdered garlic on the diet. They love garlic.
  4. Try different varieties of protein choices to find one they like.
  5. Don’t let them win you over. Be persistent and keep trying to get them to convert.

Their health is at stake – don’t quit trying to convert them to the new diet.

Most dogs will have no problems doing a fast conversion (a slow conversion is always suggested when the immune system has been compromised from antibiotics, steroids or vaccinations).

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  1. Aricker

    I’m trying to switch my beagle from kibble to raw and I’m having the hardest time. I’ve only introduced chicken backs and she licks it but that’s it. I’ve made her fast for 24 hours and still she refuses to eat the meat.
    Please Help

  2. Aricker – with some pups it can be a challenge…

    Some dogs are not big fans of poultry, I would suggest trying a red meat raw meaty bone to peak their interest. Unlike kibble raw food does not give off the same concentrated smell that they are used to.

    Some also enjoy a drizzle of salmon or fish oil. A pre-made commercial food, with or without veggies may be worth a try, often the complete mixture of meat, bone and orgrans can make for a more appealing meal.

    Keep with it – in the end it is totally worthwhile!

  3. Melissa

    Just fyi… there are studies showing that consuming onions and/or garlic can be poisonous to your dog. I would suggest not putting garlic powder on anything intended as food for your pet. Just sharing my knowledge! Hope your pet is doing well. Kindest regards.

  4. It’s really best to research a thing or two about transition in your dog’s diet especially when it involves raw meat. Not all dogs just eat everything their owners feed them and if we are not careful, our dogs might end up getting sick.

  5. These are great tips for the diet transition of our dogs. A lot of pet owners will surely find this article as very resourceful. Thanks for sharing an informative article.

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