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Does Your Dog Eat A Nutritional Kibble Diet??


Relying on nutritional advice from your vet is like getting marriage counseling from your priest. I realize that this is a pretty bold statement but the facts don’t lie.

Most veterinarians are excellent at what they do and know. They have been well trained to be the pet guardians and protectors for the animals well being.

Unfortunately in the area of nutrition they in general lack the studies necessary to be qualified in this area. Unless they receive additional training from outside of the general veterinary courses or are self studied they lack the training to be proficient in giving nutritional advice.

They understandably are limited to suggesting what information that they have received from courses taught by the dry kibble manufacturers. Several of the dry dog food companies have supported the vet teaching programs and other support programs such as books and scholarship programs in order to gain sales from the graduating vets after graduation.

I relate the same level of experience to people that scramble to their priest for marital advice. Who would best be giving advice in this area than a priest that has never experienced marriage and has had no first hand experience in dealing with relationships of this kind. It is beyond my understanding that people can find workable solutions to problems of this magnitude yet it happens every day.

I find the same level of “trust” that must exist when people buy dry dog food. How cleverly, the dry heat processed manufacturers have presented their case on how to properly feed a companion pet.

Can we be so naive to believe that a dog can be fed a grain based diet when all physical characteristics in them point to feeding a meat based diet. A dog is NOT designed to eat a grain based food but the industry has convinced the public differently. At least this was the case until the major Menu Foods recall happened. It was then exposed that the food was perhaps not as safe as people had been led to believe.

Who do you rely on for your dogs good eating???

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  1. Ive been preaching the value of the BARF diet for months at my website http://www.bestdogfooddiets.com its great to see someone else doing the same. thanks for keeping us up to date!

  2. Hi Nick,
    I read your comments as well, and I think you are a member of our team— trying to spread the word about our philosophy. I would enjoy talking with you. I have a synergistic plan that might work for you.
    Please contact me at robertmueller@barfworld.com

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