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You Are What You Eat Or Are You?

We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat!” I would like to go one step further and state “you are what you digest!”

    Just eating the food doesn’t produce the results.
    What is assimilated from the food is what is important.

I have discovered that digestion is the key to preventing and curing disease. For those that believe this then the importance of proper digestion is an important key to understanding how disease can be controlled or prevented. I have highlighted previously that a raw food diet has a higher level of utilization of nutrients than
processed foods. This is an indication of a more complete digestion of ingredients.

Another tell tale sign of better digestion is the elimination of gas because gas buildup is a sign of improper digestion.

One suggestion that we make to all new raw food converts is to introduce our BARF PLUS supplement to the digestive track of the animal for the first 30 days. This helps to regulate the intestinal flora and introduce good bacteria to the gut. The supplement also contains added levels of plant enzymes that will help in the digestion process and help to reduce the stress on the pancreas during the introduction period. The dogs that continue to have digestion problems and suffer from an depressed immune system will benefit by staying on this supplement program until it is under control.

Our philosophy is to gain as much as possible from the supplied nutrients and to acquire the highest level of digestion possible. This is quite evident when you see the stool reduction in the dog. For the consumers that have big breed dogs this becomes an important criteria to reduce stool volume.

Remember-you are what you eat and what you digest efficiently and properly.

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