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Why Kibble May Not Be Your Best Choice

What is the primary motive of kibble manufactures? Is it profit or nutritional value?

Did you know that kibble formulations were designed to utilize cheap and left over ingredients from the human food chain (and mostly grain)? The inferior quality and poor utilization of ingredients is masked by the addition of heat, flavor enhancers, and harmful fat sprays. The kibble manufactures are aware of the potential dangers and potential harm to our dogs but it all boils down to producing an inexpensive product that can sustain and maintain the life of our dogs. It isn’t necessarily what our dogs need to receive optimum longevity. Diet is everything when it comes to building good health and maintaining good health long term but for the kibble manufactures it all boils down to profit with a capital P.

The philosophy that BARF World has adopted is that a properly formulated diet is one that is based on the ingredients available to our dogs in the wild and one that provides greater digestibility of ingredients that have not been altered by heat. Heat processing destroys the vital phytonutrients and living enzymes and alter the digestibility of the ingredients. For optimum digestion the least amount of time to digest is critical, it reduces stool volume, stool odor, and reduces the toxin levels in the body.

Next time you purchase your dog food, think, should I purchase kibble for somebody else’s profit or raw meat diet (a Barf diet) for nutrition value and long term health for my dog.

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