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Why Microwave Is Bad For Raw Dog Food

Do not microwave your dogs raw meat patties.

Articles have been written about the dangers of microwave thawing. Convenience is the reason why anyone wants to do it but the value of the food can be compromised because it can be electromagnetically altering important food components.

For this reason we offer advice on how to properly thaw our frozen patties. There are two methods that are a better solution than using a microwave.

  • Best is to thaw the patty in a tupperware container over night in the refrigerator. This provides a safe and easy solution to have the food ready for the morning or evening feed.
  • Another solution to thaw a frozen patty safely is to soak a patty in a zip lock bag in a bowl of luke warm water. This is the same technique that can be used to prepare frozen shrimp in a hurry.

Either method provides a much safer process than microwaving the product. If you heat or microwave a patty and have it exceed 118 degrees it will destroy the active enzymes and phytonutrients.

I am quick to point out that when comparing the frozen raw meat diets to a heat processed kibble the ultimate advantage of feeding raw is that you have preserved the phytonutrients and the living enzymes in the raw diet. All kibble diets are produced the same way. They are heat processed at high temperatures that render the dry product what I call a “dead diet”. The essential phytonutrients and living enzymes as well as many vitamins and minerals are either destroyed in the process or physically altered. The result of this structural alteration is that the diet is less utilized. Nutrient utilization is the key to the diet. We find that the raw meat diets are better utilized, better absorbed in the system, and therefore provide a nutritional benefit for cell development and bodily function. There is a reason why the stool volume is reduced by as much as 30% when switching to a raw meat diet. The percentage difference in the stool formation is proportionate to the quality of the ingredients and the utilization of the nutrients in the diet.

The rule again is don’t microwave.

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  1. Robin Huggins

    If the process of a dog gnawing on a bone helps to keep the dog’s teeth clean, then how can the “ground bone” that is in the BARF frozen patties keep a dog’s teeth clean as there would be no gnawing involved?

  2. Hi Robin,
    My theory about keeping the teeth clean is that it is merely a difference between eating foods that will cause plaque and those that won’t. I agree that there is less abrasive action because the dog is not gnawing on the bones but it is the difference between eating popcorn and eating soup. The constant packing of plaque building foods is what causes the damage to the teeth. I also like to give the dog a recreational bone once a week. This helps to also0 keep the jaws, teeth and gums exercised and in good health. Thanks

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