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Is Your Dog Food Safe From Bacteria?

Bacteria, bacteria, bacteria, how do we stop it?

The answer is we can’t, but we can control it and this applies to any processed food manufacturing.

Let’s just outline a few areas that must be monitored to control the growth of bacteria.

  • Slaughter and/or rendering facility. (Must be processed in timely manner)
  • Transportation to manufacture. (Must be temperature controlled stored immediately upon receipt)
  • Must be manufactured in a timely manner to avoid too much thawing.
  • Must be frozen to correct temperatures to stop bacteria growth.
  • Must be packaged and put in cold storage in timely manner.
  • Shipped again in refrigerated trucks and maintained at the correct temperature.
  • Received and put in cold storage upon receipt.
  • Picked up and/or redelivered to the store front in a timely fashion to avoid thawing.
  • You and I upon purchase put into our freezers in a short period of time after purchase to avoid thawing.

These are just a few of potential areas that can breakdown and cause problems. The funny thing is that this can happen to a home made raw pattie just as it can happen in a manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility however do maintain records to monitor the production of raw patties. They have controls.

You may ask with so many areas to go bad why use raw? Good question and probably one of the big differences is that we don’t have to use preservatives. Do you know how nasty preservatives can be? Your dogs by eating the frozen patties are ensured of getting the freshest possible meat.

And remember that the kibble manufactures also have similar controls to monitor their production along with all the preservatives they have to control (such as gluten).

The funny thing is that bacteria risk can be found anywhere in the food chain. The key for us as dog owners is do we want a preservative laden, grain based kibble to feed our dog or do we want a fresh raw meat dog food that our dogs were designed to eat.

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