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Three Keys To Handling Raw Dog Food

3 keys of raw: storage, thawing, and handling.

Keep frozen raw meat patties below twenty-nine (29) degrees F. It is important to keep our frozen patties in a good solid frozen state before thawing because of potential bacterial growth. Yes it is possible for bacteria to become active again if we do not keep our raw meat frozen solid. The secret to best preserve the product is to freeze fast and in the least amount of time. The variable that can be a concern is the possibility of temperature abuse (up and down) in getting the product through the supply chain. Many people are involved in the transfer and storage of the product to get it to our freezer. It is critical that everybody in the supply chain use best practices methods and maintain our product at or below 29 F at all times.

Let us know look at the best way to thaw our raw meat patties once we have them and are ready to serve to our dogs. There are several ways to thaw the frozen patties and the MICROWAVE is not one, because the heat can kill the enzymes. The best way is to let the patties thaw over night in your refrigerator (thaw as much as needed only). Another possibility is to run cool water over the patties until thawed. Lastly is putting the patties out at room temperature. This method although workable, is not preferred, because it could lead to bacterial growth if we expose the patties for a lengthy period of time.

Because raw meat patties or anything raw means there is possible contamination from bacteria. It is best if we just follow a few simple steps after handling, wash our hands, clean up our work area and wash our utensils with hot soapy water.

Common sense is the rule for all steps.

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  1. Great post. Its super important to be careful and take precautions with raw dog food.

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