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Why A Frozen Dog Food Maybe Safer Than A Dry Kibble

Is freezing a raw meat dog food safe?
Can frozen raw meat dog food degrade?

Lets answer the second question first:

    Yes it will deteriorate over time even if stored properly. You will notice that after 6 months or longer that the visual organoleptic qualities of taste, texture, feeling have changed. Most often these changes can be due to temperature abuse but with proper maintenance of the freezers this change in appearance can be minimized. The benefit is that if we maintain our frozen product properly there is little loss of nutrients, it is still wholesome. In the end that is what we want a nutritional diet for our dogs.

Is freezing raw safe for my dog?

    The question is compared to what? As we talked about above, yes there is a change that happens overtime. But how about our dogs that are eating a dry kibble diet? What happens to that kibble? A dry food by nature is treated with extreme heat which destroys the living enzymes. The heat process also destroys much of the nutritional benefit.

If nutrition is important to our dogs, then it is also important to give them the diet that will give them the greatest benefit. The raw meat diet fulfills that need, living enzymes and more nutrition implies safety for their health.

Another thing we should consider:

    Why do you suppose that you can open a bag of dry kibble pet food, leave it open for months and not have to worry about having the product spoil? Is it because they use preservatives? You bet.
    Do you think the high temperatures used in processing kibble have preserved the original protein or altered them? Yes I am sure you know the answer; it has altered and killed much of the protein and nutritional value.

Raw has the advantage of not destroying (or minimally destroying) the enzymes, proteins and nutritional value of the meat. This allows our dogs to use the food in the most efficient manner and in the process, just maybe, giving them a better quality life.

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  2. Suzie Sweeney

    Our dog has been on the BARF diet since he was old enough to eat on his own. It will be four years and counting. He is healthy over all, but I think we had some trouble with the chicken bones. He had bloody diharrea and loss of appetite. When I took him to the vet, I was chastized for this diet and immediately told that he should be on some kibble by Purina and some canned garbage ($70 later) just for the food, the vet told me that this diet was unhealthy and it was a good way to infect the dog and my family. The vet went on and on how the kibble was a much better altervative. I fail to see how a processed food is better than whole food. Isn’t that like recommending McDonalds for my children in lieu of good nutritious food? Can anyone recomend a vet in Scottsdale AZ that will embrace this diet?

    Thank You

  3. Suzie, you are right- you need to find a vet that supports the raw food philosophy. You can call Dr. John Sparks in Scottsdale. His number is 480-286-1502. John believes in the philosophy and is a very knowledgeable vet. Good Luck

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