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Why Temperature And Freezing Time Is Important For Your Frozen Raw Dog Food

Is your raw frozen dog food properly frozen?

Very important to frozen dog food is the freezing process. What is involved and why is this important? The time and temperature of the ingredients exposed to the ambient temperature and the time of freezing the product are critical. First is the raw material, it must be processed in an efficient timely manner to avoid potential bacterial growth. Second it should be frozen as fast as possible for the same reason, potential bacteria growth in the freezing process.

Modern technology provides an adequate freezing method. Our company uses a nitrogen flash freezing system that freezes our patty in a matter of minutes. This reduces dramatically any potential bacteria growth.

Controlling the frozen product in the supply chain is critical in the delivery of fresh frozen raw patty’s. It is therefore very important to use only transportation companies that follow strict temperature control methods to deliver the product to the ultimate distributor or consumer. Even our mail order distribution center offers the assurance of proper handling and maintaining adequate dry ice to keep our product frozen solid.

Frozen food competitors that use inadequate freezing techniques or that have not secured reputable frozen transportation services are exposed to liability issues and unwanted returns. This is one manufacturing area that demands critical attention to detail.

If you buy from Mom and Pop processors are they practicing Good Manufacturing Process?

Do you know how your product was handled from A to Z?

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