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Barking Secret Revealed

Published on November 25, 2009 by in BARF

Most people try to train their dogs not to bark but T.J. an employee here at BARF World had a different problem – his dog didn’t barf!! Read below in T.J.’s own words how he trained his dog to bark.

When I first adopted Matsi she was well known for being a non-vocal Husky. (weird right?) Anyway for the 2, almost 3, years that I’ve owned her, she always had been extremely silent, to a point where I thought she was mute. Since Matsi is pretty quick when learning tricks, I figured ‘why not teach my mute dog how to BARK?’ And so…training started.

The first step in training her to bark is to find out what makes her bark in the first place.

Everything around us, doorbells, sirens, people walking by the window, cars driving by, had no effect on her. No reaction whatsoever…so Matsi and I went to food. Though she’s VERY food-driven, getting her excited was one thing, getting her to bark was another. We tried countless apples and carrots as ploys, however we got nowhere once again.

One evening, while going through our normal trick expedition prior to eating, she started to clear her throat constantly. You could tell a bark was coming but no sound came out. Then I had a epiphany. ‘The BARF diet is going to get my dog to bark…’ and sure enough…her cough-yap-sneeze had developed into a full-on BARK. Now, before each feeding, we go through her trick routine and now ‘Speak’ (with the sign language of speak as her signal) is added to the list.

Thanks BARF for helping my mute dog turn into a Bark-On-Command dog.

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