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Can My Dog Get H1N1 Flu Virus?

Published on November 14, 2009 by in Health

The recent flu scare for the new H1N1 virus has now spread to dogs. Not the flu but the scare is what I am referring too. At least this is what they want us to believe!

We are in panic mode over flu deaths for humans and now our dogs.

We are paranoid over the possibility of getting H1N1 ourselves and now we have the same concern for our dog. The question is-will we also vaccinate our dog? I have expressed my negative feelings regarding vaccinations and the affect on the immune system for humans or dogs in past blogs. Reports indicate the shots are not as effective as detailed by drug companies. Also, the added risk of side effects adds to our panic.

The dog H1N1 flu is scary because that is what drug companies and vets want us to believe. This drives us to the clinics in a rush to protect our dogs. Little comparison exists for the number of potential flu victims for dogs vs humans. Truth be known, few dogs get this virus and the possibility of death from the virus is minimal.

There is an excellent reason for the difference; it relates to how the flu is spread between humans. Humans gather in crowds, some people are sick with the flu and don’t know it or some have little concern over spreading the virus. Dogs, not normally in packs, are not exposed and thus have a reduced risk tolerance. Also, dogs have a higher temperature than humans which tends to ” cook” most human virus varieties.

Common sense tells us to not expose our dog where you have other dogs that could spread the virus.

In general, we should have no issues with the H1N1 virus with our dog if we follow common sense practices:

  • Isolate the dog from crowded compounds, kennels etc which creates a greater risk.
  • Feed a natural raw meat diet (the BARF DIET), which is an easy way to build immune health.

Fortunately, there is little supported evidence to prove that this virus could be cause for alarm to our dogs. Again use common sense to prevent any transfer of H1N1. Use the same precautions that are suggested for preventing human transfer of the virus to others.

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