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Why Kibble Is Dead

For more than 33 years I have been talking about the benefits of live (raw) food for our dogs. Finally, people are listening and feeding their dogs a raw diet instead of the deadly kibble diets sold by large multinational companies.

To really understand the difference it is important for me to define what I mean by Living Food and Dead Food. Live food is a raw meat diet that has active enzymes, not processed, and highly digestible nutrients as found in fresh meat and produce. The life giving enzymes are responsible for as much as 80% of the digestive capability of this food in the dogs intestine.

The advantage of this life giving function is that it reduces the stress on the internal organs that are responsible for providing the metabolic and digestive enzymes in the body. The advantage gained by reducing the stress on the enzyme producing internal organs is that it allows the production of the essential enzymes to last longer. There is less need to produce digestive enzymes for optimum digestion because the foods already contain an abundant supply of these needed digestive aids. The organ systems do not continue to supply these needed digestive aids in the same quantities as when we were younger. Like other intricate systems in our body, the older we get the less active these organ systems can function to supply adequate quantities of digestive enzymes. The longer we can keep these enzyme organs functioning will extend our ability to maintain life itself.

In comparison, a dead food is one that has been highly heat processed and in the end destroys the enzymes contained in the food. It therefore places the entire responsibility of enzyme production on the liver and pancreas and shortens the potential supply of these organ systems. The end result is a shortened life span because the enzyme has ended it’s cycle of reproduction.

I must relate this to the dog food controversy of whether or not to feed a live or a dead food to our dogs. In my opinion it is far better to offer the enzyme rich supply as part of the nutrient source than to depend on the internal organ systems to do 100% of the work. It is a known fact that we absorb our vitamins and minerals best when introduced in our food source rather than from artificially induced synthetic sources. The same theory applies to the enzyme sourcing when a live food can supply many of the needed digestive enzymes to save the stress on the other enzyme producing internal organs. Common sense will tell us which scenario is better for the ultimate health of the dog.

The kibble manufacturers have been selling us convenience with disregard to the long term health of our dogs. It has been marketed as a safe and beneficial way to feed our dogs. Beneficial in what way?—Is it price alone that offers the advantage?

Our philosophy at BARF World is based on common sense. We advocate feeding a raw meat diet that is biologically appropriate for dog.

Live or dead? The choice is ours.

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