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Rob Talks About Choices

Published on October 5, 2009 by in BARF

Anyone who has been following my articles have heard me mention many times the importance of the choices we make. The last two weeks have been a total violation of the normal choices I make for myself. My wife and I have spent the last 2 weeks on the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Such a beautiful part of the world that allows for total relaxation along with abuse of our normal eating schedule. Of course we have to try the native dishes, and the tropical drinks, and the desserts and on and on! It has been a 10 pound trip so far but out of this experience comes the reality of what we don’t have to do when feeding our pets. They rely on what we select for their nourishment, so if we can make good choices for them they will end up in better shape than us. Our pets are spoiled a little bit from the treats and the table scraps that are offered to them but in general their diets are relatively stable choices.

This brings up my other advice that suggests an improvement in your choices for your dogs. They need your ability to gain superior knowledge to discover the proper and most appropriate diet for good health. If you don’t search this out you are doing them an injustice and it will force them to scavenge for food. Our company was formed in order to provide an economical source of human grade ingredients, top quality manufacturing processes, and a delivery system to make our product available to every corner of the country via mail order and through our distributor connections. We offer our customers a variety of protein choices which we feel are a needed requirement. If you choose to follow our philosophy we will make available to you a world of raw meat diet articles, blogs and videos that show in detail how to properly make the switch to a raw food program. We welcome the challenge to educate and make this choice one that is simple and understandable. Come join our family of satisfied customers- you will be glad you did.

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  1. k9luv


    I just received my order from barf and along with it received also the two free products of E-Omega Coat and E-Barf Plus.

    I was really surprised to see that the E-Omega Coat contains artificial flavors. Why is this necessary? Dogs like the taste of oils without adding anything. If we are going to go the extra mile and the extra $$ to feed our dogs a raw meat diet or a pure diet then we certainly shouldn’t be adding artificial anything.
    I won’t be using this product.

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