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Can I Get Swine Flu From My Dog?

On a recent trip to Mexico I was made aware of the potential scare from contacting the swine flu (now referred to as H1N1 flu). Cautions were made on the airline to be sure to cover your mouth with a tissue and also to wash your hands often after sneezing or coughing. People on the plane were wearing masks to prevent the infection to themselves and others. After my wife and I arrived in Mexico, we both wondered whether our dog was able to contact this virus or even be able to spread the virus to humans. I would have to believe that there are a lot of concerned pet owners that would like to know this information.

I am happy to report that as of today there are no known cases of this virus that has been spread to dogs from humans or vice versa.

If your dog gets sick and shows similar symptoms of this virus it is best to take them immediately to your vet for observation and treatment. Obviously the key to good health is to build a strong immune system. This is mother natures best defense for all types of disease or viral infection. One way to help build up the immune system defense is to switch to a raw food diet (The BARF Diet). This is mother natures food of choice for our beloved dogs.

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