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How To Feed Your Dog A Nutritious Meal

Are you concerned about feeding a complete and balanced diet to your dog?

The dry food kibble manufacturers have pounded this message into the hearts and heads us dog owners. The home BARFER philosophy varies a little from this position in that we advocate being complete and balanced but over time instead of at each meal. This is the suggestion that we at BARF World give to all our make it your-selfer customers.

Normally self-barfers are people that have access to a variety of food sources that may or may not be organic sources. Most times they feel that their sources are at least better than what most commercial sources would be able to supply them or they have a source of nutrients that are inexpensive to purchase. Because of the variation of nutrients and the uncertain availability of the supply, many times the diets are not always totally balanced and complete. Remember the goal is to provide the nutrition requirements over a period of time rather than at each meal.

The benefit provided by serving your companion animal a commercially prepared meal is that it does offer the animal a balanced and complete meal at each serving. For many people this is a preferred choice and it offers many benefits over having to continuously source a variety of ingredients. The main advantages of a commercially prepared raw meat diet are consistency, ground up bone sources, varieties other than chicken, monitored Calcium/Phosphorus ratios, and the satisfaction that you are getting a historically sound proven formula.

The concerns offered by most consumers that end up switching to the commercial diet is that they never felt satisfied that they were making the most appropriate diet for the animal and they were aggravated with the amount of time required to make the diets. There will always be a split between these two different philosophies of raw feeding but whichever choice is made still beats the choice to feed a dry heat processed kibble. The end result is a nutrition program that is completed either by a daily ingestion of a complete and balanced meal or a series of meals that achieve a complete and balance program over time.

Even animals that source their nutritional requirements in the wild are never able to satisfy the requirement of a complete and balanced meal at each feeding. The choice is up to you, the biggest choice is to decide to feed a raw meat based diet.

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  1. I’ve had my dog on barf for about 4 months. She seems a bit tired to me and her stools have not turned white, although they are much smaller and disintegrate very quickly. My concern is: am i feeding her correctly? I give her 2/3 chicken wings in the morning or a lamb shank or a beef marrow bone. In the evening…my butcher grinds chicken and bone for me …i give her a pound of that mixed with 15% or so of ground vegetables..some fruit…cod liver oil and kelp. do you think that’s good? She weights 120 lbs. 2.5 years old..a beautiful rottie. Her coat is now amazing and her weight is solid..no fat at all. If you get this, could you respond to me at my email address? I’m concerned and taking her to the vet will most likely result in him giving me a lecture on feeding her raw foods. He’s very traditional.

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