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Simple Solution For Dog Diabetes

Published on July 18, 2009 by in BARF, Health

I have written other articles and blogs about the diabetes problem with humans and with dogs in the past. Today I want to send out a warning. A warning that it is time to make a change, because deciding to feed a dog a heat processed dry kibble (the equivalent of dog junk food) is not what he/she is designed to eat. The number of calls we receive that have dogs with kidney, liver, diabetes and heart conditions, are out of sight. It seems like it is just a matter of time (5 to 6 years of junk food) before the symptoms appear and then the pet owner searches for a solution.

This past week one of my health prevention newsletters pointed out that diabetes is becoming an epidemic condition that now affects one in five older Americans. I wonder what the statistics would be for our pets? The cost of caring for people with type 2 diabetes increased 32% from 2002 to 2007, when estimated diabetes expenditures in the U.S. totaled $116 billion in direct medical costs and $58 billion in indirect costs (disability, work loss, premature death). This represents 10% of all dollars spent on health care in the US, with expenditures for people with diabetes more than two times higher than health care expenditures for those without diabetes.

These are alarming statistics and more importantly they show the ever increasing need for finding a resolution for the problem. We are living in the junk food era with a junk food establishment on every corner. Our young people are bound for serious repercussions from eating this way. Equally alarming is the fact that we are in a shaky economy where consumers already worry about the cost and availability of health care. The article points out that we are merely at the tip of the iceberg. Diabetes is currently the 7th leading cause of death. Instead of focusing on prevention of diabetes, mainstream medicine continues to deliver costly management treatment programs to help control the disease but not cure the disease.

Is it any different with our pets? Our business is a perfect vehicle to monitor the increase in various diseases such as diabetes. Every day we deal with dogs that are suffering from the damaging effects of these degenerative diseases. The cause of this isn’t any different than for humans. The continuous ingestion of high levels of soluble carbohydrates is the culprit. Our dogs are ingesting daily levels of junk food with elevated levels of diabetes in dogs. To tell the users of dry kibble pet food that he/she is giving their dog junk food would be an insult. They are unknowingly doing what they perceive to be the best for their animals. They do this for 5 to 6 years or until the dog exhibits the symptoms of diabetes. That is when we come onto the scene and then we try to reverse the symptoms and turn around the health of the dog with an appropriate raw food diet.

Receiving proper nutrition, a natural diet, the BARF diet, seems to provide a long term solution to these medical problems.

Prevention rather than treatment!

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  1. I can definitely agree with you on this. We find that people that feed their pets this junk food are sick long term. Keep up the good work..

  2. Amen. This needed to be said. Diabetes can also be reversed in humans on the raw food diet. Dr. Gabriel Cousens wrote a fascinating book on this topic. Apparently everyone, pets and people alike, do better raw!

  3. […] original article can be found at http://www.barfworld.com/blog/?p=360 ” I have written other articles and blogs about the diabetes problem with humans and with […]

  4. A great book highlighting your assessment is The China Study. It is synonymous with your post.

  5. DeeDee

    Years ago, I read of a conventional vet who reversed severe diabetes in a rescued cat in only 6 days using the organic, raw food diet. The cat was in such poor condition that 5 of her fellow vets told her to euthanize it. She had heard of the raw diet and decided there was nothing to lose and tried it. Having been amazed with the results, she changed to become a holistic vet. Food is the single biggest factor in determining the health of every living creature. Yes, you really are what you eat.

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