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Dogs And Pesticides

Published on June 12, 2009 by in BARF

This year has been an unusual year for the growth of dandelions and other weeds in our lawn. In fact, our whole town looks like we are suffering from the dandelion flu! It hardly pays to try and correct the problem with pesticides because if your neighbor doesn’t do it then it spreads to your lawn anyway.

Last week I had a door to door salesman stop and explain that he had canvassed the whole neighborhood and had signed up 14 neighbors to take on his pesticide treatment that would control the weeds. Not thinking about my dog, I hastily signed up for the treatment. They came out and sprayed the yard front and back for a minimal charge. The application worked great. The weeds and the dandelions have wilted and disappeared.

Then on Friday I was working with one of our distributors and she mentioned that her house was for sale and she was showing me around the yard and pointed to the large yard that she has to house her four dogs. She mentioned that none of her lawn had pesticide applications in order to protect her animals from these potent toxins. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I had potentially created a toxin situation for my dog Ubie. I knew better than to do this but had forgotten this time to consider her potential exposure to this harmful chemical.

Animals are far more affected by pesticides because of the closer distance to the ground. In addition I tie her up outside and she has to lay on the grass and she becomes even more exposed to the chemicals because of it. I tell this story in order for others to become more considerate than I was, when it comes to chemical exposure to your animals.

We now walk our dog into areas that have not been treated in hopes that she can eliminate this exposure. It is the long term application and exposure to chemicals that lead to serious illnesses later on. No different than with humans as we are exposed to the environmental chemicals every day of our life. The difference, as I pointed out earlier, is that their noses are more sensitive and closer to the ground and it is hard not to be affected to a greater degree. THE SOLUTION, at least for our situation, is to only treat our front yard and leave the back yard free of pesticides. This affords each of us a safer and better program.

Yesterday I read about a new inexpensive way to eliminate warts. The milky substance in the stems of dandelions supposedly will eliminate a wart in 3 or 4 days. It takes continuous application of the substance to get the job done. So maybe this is the benefit we gain from growing the dandelions now in our back yard. I know that I could harvest them all and manufacture an annual production of wart remover if works.

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