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Finding The Finish Line

Published on May 15, 2009 by in BARF

 We have all heard stories about people that have overcome unsurmountable levels of obstacles to accomplish a dream or to find the finish line.  I am so proud of my two partners in the dog food business that prior to reaching social security age have ventured beyond the expected and have reached for a goal.  They announced to all the employees, friends and family that they planned a trip to scale Mount Everest and hike up to the base camp at 18,000 foot elevation.  Originally it was Ed that had this dream and mountainous aspiration but when Lily announced that she would accompany him that made the trip even more fascinating. You see, neither one of my partners are hikers, climbers, or camping enthusiasts. They are hard working and always looking for new challenges type individuals.  They have studied all the merits and followed the suggestions of mentors like Anthony Robbins and Jim Rohn.  They have attended numerous seminars trying to learn from the best.  As a part of this training they have learned to grasp for the stars and push themselves past normal limits.  The hike to the base camp of Everest was the dream and reality that any goal can be achieved if you believe that you can do it.  Congratulations to Ed and Lily for an outstanding accomplishment and a lifelong goal achieved.  With partners like this, our company can do and accomplish any goal put in front of us.

Lily and Ed at Everest Base Camp

Lily and Ed at Everest Base Camp

 They have inspired all of us at BARF World to set our standards high and establish out of the box, reality thinking to achieve our goals. 

 When I started to write this blog I stumbled across a video that was posted on the internet.  I would recommend that anyone that has any feelings of self doubt or feeling sorry for themselves in general, please go to the following website for one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen.  It takes 12 minutes out of your schedule to watch an incredible feat that surpasses or at least matches the best ones I have seen.  It is a must see video for anyone that is trying to survive a unachieveable hurdle.  
Click here to see \"Walk On\"

 After watching the video, see if you feel the same way about an adversity that you face.  You will find that there are no limits when it comes to believing that you can do it.  Today is a new day at BARF World.  We must all face the challenge of accomplishment of each days perceived unattainable goals for the day.  THUMBS UP! The finish line is in sight!

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