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The BARF Diet For Cats?

Published on May 14, 2009 by in BARF

We are asked all the time whether or not our raw meat diet (the BARF DIET) is suitable for cats. The answer is absolutely, YES! Our diets have been fed exclusively to the nations exotic zoo cats for decades.

Dogs are much easier to feed then cats, primarily because palatability is much less of an issue with dogs than it is with cats. Dogs are carnivores also but the difference is that they can consume more vegetable matter per body weight than cats. So, an easy conversion can be made on the dog diet to conform to the cats additional protein requirement. I suggest that to convert the BARF diet formulation to an acceptable cat formulation requires an additional protein supplementation.

If you have an 8 ounce BARF patty then you need to merely add an additional 2 ounce source of the same protein. If you are feeding chicken patties then supplement with an additional 2 ounces of chicken wings. Bingo, you have the ideal cat diet. If you are feeding our beef or combo diet you can add the wings, chicken necks or ground beef to the patties and Bingo, you have the required formula for cats. The addition of the extra protein source will dilute the veggie level making it ideal in composition.

It is necessary to caution you also about the resistance you might get when making the conversion. The dry kibble cat diets have extensive flavoring agents applied to the dry kibble. The cats get used to this taste and they are sometimes hard to make the conversion to a diet that is more appropriate for this species. Cats can be very finicky, so experimenting with the palatability is a must for cats. Sometimes we have to do various tricks to make them switch. The cat guardian is many times challenged in making this change over. Cats relate to the texture of food more so than dogs. So be prepared to try different techniques in order to be successful in the conversion.

It is sometimes necessary to slightly heat the diet to induce them to the new formula. Try not to overheat the diet to start with because you will destroy the live enzymes in the food. Each day reduce the heating time until you have them eating it raw. Powdered garlic sometimes works to entice them to eat the raw food. Mixing it with some canned product may also introduce them to the product.

We are happy to consult with anyone who has questions on the appropriateness of feeding the BARF diet to cats.

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