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What is an appropriate food for a Dog

It might be more appropriate to explain what is NOT appropriate for a dog than to try and explain what is best and most appropriate. It is common knowledge that finding a food source that is biologically appropriate for the species is the most beneficial for the digestive capabilities of the animal.

It is our philosophy, that the chemical effects of cooked food is damaging to the digestive system of the animal. Cooking alters both the physical and chemical makeup of a food source.

The raw food source provides the correct quantity and balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients.

The heat processed ingredients are damaged and chemically altered. Generally the greater the heat and the longer the duration of heating the greater the damage to the fragile biochemicals. The end result is that the damaged or altered biochemicals are then not as bio-available or not able to be utilized as well.

The generally accepted practice of feeding a dog or cat a highly heat processed grain based diet is the same trend that has been sold to the human population for the past 100 years.

The result is a trend that has spiraled into epidemic proportions for ill health and increases in obesity and degenerative diseases.

Our generation should be called the JUNK-FOOD generation. The consumption of soluble carbohydrates is the same tragedy that has caused our pet population to have a 40% obesity problem.

The incidence of diabetes is increasing with both human and pet populations.

The introduction of leftover human food ingredients and the desire to incorporate them into a multibillion dollar industry has been the cause of the problems for our pets.

Along with the use of inferior ingredients was the addition of flavor enhancements, palatability enhancers, harmful chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides that have created an epidemic of nutritional and digestive disorders. The veterinary clinics are filled with cases of skin and allergy conditions and with many digestive disorders that are a result of improper feeding practices.

Our company goal is to change the way our nation’s pets are fed to reflect a much more appropriate and beneficial way to feed a carnivorous animal. An easy way to do that is to produce diets that are low in soluble carbohydrates and contain highly nutritious ingredients that have not been heat processed.

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