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Why Detoxification Is Critical To Your Dogs Health

Published on March 1, 2009 by in BARF, Health

Impact of Detoxification on the Immune System

It is interesting to point out that switching to a holistic healing approach is a worthless and expensive program to undertake IF the body remains badly contaminated. So the first step in using the body to heal the illness is to rid the body of harmful toxins. The various toxins that have accumulated in the body are released by the cells and are eliminated primarily through the skin, ears, eyes, respiratory and excretory system. Once the body has eliminated the toxin buildup, it is quite possible that the initial symptoms that were masked by the conventional drugs and treatments will return or even make the condition worse than before we started the detoxification. A dog that has started cortisone treatments will suppress the symptoms and long term will harm the immune system. Once the detoxification has removed the cortisone from the body the skin rash may return and usually does. The switch to a proper biologically appropriate raw food diet will eventually cause the rash to disappear and once balance is achieved the symptoms will disappear.

As long as the dog’s energy level and vitality increases, you will know that the program is working. Many pet guardians, that attempt to start this process, become disillusioned and quit the detoxification process before the real healing begins. If you observe any discharges or drainage, it is a sign that the body is cleansing itself and it is a sign that the healing has begun. Depending on how long the symptoms have been masked with steroidal drugs, sometimes there is an additional need to rebuild the immune system. Maintaining a proper fluid balance is very important as well as reducing stress. The stress that I am talking about is from ingesting carcinogens, viruses, bacteria, pollutants, drugs, vaccinations, radiation and a poor diet. They all play a part in creating the toxins and suppressing the immune system.

This is all common sense stuff! If we feed our pets correctly, the way Mother Nature intended for them to eat, we would have reduced toxin buildup and relief from illness and disease. Again, the reminder is that we have choices to make on how we eat and how we treat our illnesses. As pet guardians we have a responsibility to feed them properly so that they can lead a normal and healthy life. A natural raw food diet (the BARF diet) is my recommendation.

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  1. Kelly Grant

    I feel better after reading your comment. My Yorkie has been on the Barf diet for a little over 1 month and his scratching has recently been worse. With the explanation of the detox process, I can understand why he seems worse than before. He was on a steroid for about 2 weeks, which I hated to do and it did help, but I wanted a more natural solution. Do you have any idea about how long it will take to totally detox and then from there, when I should see improvement in his apparent allergies? He’s 6.5 pounds of love. Lots of energy, so I already see that. He loves the barf patties! I’m just curious as to the amount of time I need to wait for skin improvement and his scratching to stop…a few months, 6 months, varies? Anybody know? Thanks for the information. Kelly

  2. Ev

    Hi Kelly,

    Has your pet gotten better?
    I stumbled here looking for answers for my pet.

    Hoping all is well.

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