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Cancer And It’s Evil Origins In Our Dogs

For the entire month of February, I will be focusing on the topic of cancer. Cancer affects millions of pets and the cost to offer treatments and cures can run into serious financial outlays for the pet owners. It becomes a stressful decision for the pet guardian to make whether or not to offer the medical treatment or not. The veterinary costs are similar to treatment costs for a human and the insurance to support these costs are generally not carried by the guardian. I have talked to several customers that have spent several thousand dollars in an effort to save their most loyal family member.

There are many different theories regarding the causes of cancer. One partial explanation concerns the failure of the immune system to mount an adequate surveillance for damaged cells. The result is the inability and failure of the immune system to recognize mutant cancer cells.

A prime factor influencing the growth and development of cancer in animals is the animals genetic susceptibility along with a range of chemical and physical agents that are known to influence the health and structure of the animals DNA. Common sense tells us that the longer an animal or human is subjected to toxic chemicals the higher the chance of mutations occurring.

A question then arises in my head—–if the dry, heat processed kibble diets (which we know are loaded with toxic chemicals), are fed day after day long term—-is it any wonder that we are seeing an elevated number of cancer cases in our veterinary clinics across the country.

Each week, this month I will reveal cancer facts and cures that will open discussions on the most appropriate and life saving techniques available today to combat this dreaded disease.
The 4 step approach that I have outlined in our February website video is just one of many such approaches to find the best way to handle this disease.

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