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Cancer, Alternate Cures For Your Dog

Published on February 5, 2009 by in BARF, Health

The dreaded diagnosis of the deadly C is no different for your pet than for a family member. Cancer is a disease that triggers all the emotions and starts the roller coaster ride of finding adequate treatments for the disease. I know families that have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to treat and cure their precious pet from this nasty disease. They go through the same process that we do to determine a course of action for treatment. Do we use radiation and chemotherapy or not? Is there a better way or is there a new treatment that will work better? Do we use alternative medications or traditional treatment with chemotherapy and radiation treatments? Knowing full well that these treatments damage healthy tissue as well as cancer tissue, this is a tough call. Whichever course of action you take to address the illness head on, it is wise to boost the dogs overall health and vitality.


I recommend three steps that will help to fight the battle.

1. The key to improved health is to fight the battle from within the body. In order to do that you need to strengthen the immune system .

2. Aggressively supply an adequate amount of antioxidants that can be used to neutralize free radicals.

3. You need to make your dog the healthiest possible dog on the planet so that he/she can cope with the physical and emotional stress of the disease.

Many times, by the time the disease is diagnosed your dog is already in a state of poor health. Usually when it gets to this stage then the results are not as good. Good ways to start to revitalize the pet’s health is with supplements, hormones, detoxification, and a diet change. All of these therapies are every bit as important as killing the cancer itself. Supplements can be used to build up the immune system. A detoxification program is an effective way to rid the body of unwanted heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants and other chemicals.
Changing the diet is equally important. I recommend converting to a very low carbohydrate based diet. The BARF DIET is such a diet and will help immensely to reverse the condition. Having your dog eat a diet that provides adequate fat and no high-glycemic carbs will feed the healthy cells and starve the cancerous cells.

Is this treatment something that should be tried before undertaking damaging radiation and chemo treatments? I believe that if my dog was to become diagnosed with the big C that I would want to try these treatments first. It just makes good sense to use Mother Nature’s remedies to find the best course of action. Let the body heal from within.

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