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Published on January 28, 2009 by in BARF

What company doesn’t welcome and thrive on good customer testimonials. That is really what we are all about, the testimonials that we receive from satisfied customers are the life blood of our business. Without testimonials our company would be just like any other business that is in business to make money. We are different because WE CARE about the animals and their health and well being. Our products are different than other companies that sell a product that never has an affect or changes the situation of the consumer. We see startling health saving changes that make a life change for the animal. It is a gratifying business to see the reversals of serious medical conditions. It is even more gratifying to receive a wonderful testimonial from a consumer that has experienced a major turnaround in their animals health. The raw meat diet changes bring about an amazing transition in the animals health. Whether it is cancer, obesity, allergies, kidney and heart issues, the diet makes more of a change for that animal than any drug that is given in many cases. The testimonials we have on file would dispel any doubt about whether or not a change in nutrition makes a difference.

What we need are more of them! If all of our satisfied customers would send us a testimonial describing what the diet has done for them, we would be most grateful. This is the matrix that keeps us going and gives us the purpose to continue to change the eating patterns of all dogs in this country. We want to post these results on our website and use them to encourage others to make the transition to a raw meat diet.

We call all new customers so that we can gather first hand whether or not the diet has made a change in the health condition of that animal or to find out if the dog has had any problems making the conversion to raw. We estimate that at least 80% of all new customers are thrilled with the diet and report that their dog has improved tremendously on the diet.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep the testimonials coming in to us. We appreciate your loyalty and support.

posted by Rob Mueller

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