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Making The Switch To RAW Meat Diet For Your Dog

Why not use the kiss principle when deciding to switch to RAW. The KISS principle stands for (keep it simple simon). Pretty good advice for most situations that demand a reasonable solution. Most people try to complicate things by trying to figure out all the possible dangers or potential harm. Sometimes it just requires a leap of faith. Does it require a little homework? Yes it does. Does it require a college level class to understand the philosophy? No!

The process required to make a decision to switch to raw requires a few questions to be answered. Here are some questions that you might ask yourself before making the switch:

  • Does your dog have a specific ailment that needs to be reversed?
  • Has your dog been diagnosed to being allergic to a specific ingredient in the current diet being fed?
  • Are you trying to improve the quality of the current diet being fed?
  • Are you concerned about the continuous ingestion of a dry heat processed food?
  • Have you been able to discover the benefits of converting to a raw diet?

There are a lot more questions that can be asked to make one comfortable to make the switch to raw. For many consumers it requires guidance from someone that has made the leap and is enjoying the benefits of a more nutritious food. Maybe it is suggested by your breeder or from the veterinarian that is having trouble treating the condition with traditional medicine and not getting a positive response. A wealth of information is available on our website and we offer excellent advice for those that call and talk to our qualified customer service reps. They have been trained to offer nutritional advice and are very knowledgeable about conversions to raw.

For the very stubborn cases and ones that require additional consultation we offer the services of our professional nutritional consultant who can steer you to a proper course of action. In all cases we try to offer a simple and logical solution to a problem especially if it can be corrected with a diet change. The KISS approach is a simple and practical way to treat these situations. Once you understand the philosophy, you will see the advantages of making the conversion. Don’t make it complicated- keep it simple!

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