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The Dogs Auto Immune System

Published on January 12, 2009 by in BARF, Health

A functioning immune system is a miraculous event and should be considered the 8th wonder of the world. A weakened immune system is the opposite because the result is disease and can even lead to a condition called auto-immunity. In this case, this complex mechanism cannot differentiate between the healthy body tissues and the external antigen or pathogen. Having the immune system backfire and attack the healthy cells and tissues is a tragic event. Vaccinations, steroids, antibiotics, stress, cancer treatments and many other factors can create a weakened immune system. The tragic result of an autoimmune response is the breakdown of the organ systems in the body. Kidney function, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, liver function and many other damaging conditions can result from this backfire mechanism. Many chronic infections and even periodontal disease causes an out pouring of bacteria which stimulates the immune system.

Rather than dealing with the results of a weakened immune system – what if we could make some simple life changes for our animals. I suggest that you make some preferred choices by offering them fresh raw foods, purified water,natural supplements, fresh air, regular exercise, proper hygiene, reduced stress, and pollutants. Making these changes will allow the immune system to operate at peak performance. I also suggest that these same choices be made for the pet guardian. I predict the same results will occur if you make the same choices as for your pet.

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