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Secret To Dogs Health – Immune System

This year we will be focusing on specific key topics that are crucial to understanding the philosophy of feeding a raw food diet. This month we are focusing on the immune system because the importance of the immune system is the most important topic that needs to be understood to understand why the raw diets work better than a heat processed food. Anything that we can do to improve the immune function will reduce the likelihood of future disease processes. The key to understanding the importance of improving the immune function is tied directly to the advantages of feeding a raw diet.

The advantages are the presence of living enzymes and phytonutrients in the natural raw diets. These elements in available in our formulas, and not able to be found in a kibble diet. They are the advantages that offer improved immune system function to improve the digestion, aid in the metabolic processes in the body and help to rebuild cellular mechanisms. The enzyme producing organs in the body can produce only a certain amount of live enzymes. The enzymes are the spark plugs that initiate the various bodily functions of which digestion has a big role. By supplementing the live enzymes and having them contained in the fresh raw food diets, we are extending the life of the enzyme producing organs and therefore extending life itself.

It is a known fact that the best healing comes from within the body. The healing is even better than what can be resolved with drugs. In order for the healing to be beneficial and or improved upon, the immune system needs to function properly. A depressed immune system is a ticket for health failure in some way or another. The immune system may not be directly responsible for a specific disease but you can be sure that most diseases are the result of this lack of protection.

Herein lies the basis for our whole philosophy. Heal from within by offering total protection from a strong defense mechanism. The body goes to work against all the factors that allows disease to happen. I have personally witnessed the results of the benefits derived from feeding this way for 32 years and I suggest that anyone that is having digestive, metabolic, allergic, and/or disease issues with their dog should give serious thought to converting to a raw meat diet formulation (the BARF DIET -a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).

Try for yourself (your pet) and will be glad that did.

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