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New Years Resolution For My Dogs

Published on December 30, 2008 by in BARF

Nearly everyone makes New Years resolutions and hopes for a better year to come. The key word here is hopes. For most people the reality of the new year is that it will unfold pretty much like last year. Same problems, same behaviors, same outcome. That is because little action is actually taken to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. So, we end up with the same results year in and year out.

The only real power we have in life is the power of choice. The choices we make are the pathways to change. It is important to seek out knowledge and eliminate mental handcuffs to make an informed decision.

This next year if you have decisions that need to be made regarding your own health issues or health issues for your dog- make a goal to make the right choices. Our company wants to make a difference in your pet’s health. We are committed to finding the way to convince all pet guardians to find a better nutrition choice for their animals. Become an informed guardian that seeks the knowledge and selects a new feeding program that improves the health of their pet.

We are convinced that converting a dog to a raw meat diet feeding program is the best possible solution. Feeding a dog a biologically appropriate raw meat (BARF) diet can make a significant difference in the health, attitude, and physical condition of your dog. Making the proper choice in this regard is of paramount importance. The caretakers that are having medical issues to deal with see the most improvement, but it is also wise to make a change to a more appropriate diet to offer a proactive approach to future health for your pet.

As we approach the new year, start to make decisions to make a change, you will be glad you did and so will your dog.

Happy New Year.

posted by Rob Mueller

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