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Benefits of Raw Dog Feeding

Published on December 19, 2008 by in BARF

I reported last week that I was invited to present a program on raw feeding to the Minnesota college of veterinary medicine. On Tuesday I made the presentation to the 1st and 2nd year vet students. There were about 60 students in attendance. I was amazed at the interest generated from this group of students. They had interesting questions for me and were quite appreciative that the philosophy of raw feeding was presented to them. It offered them a choice from the conventional feeding programs offered by Hills and other dry food companies.

Some of the topics that I expected them to ask were never brought up such as the issues of bacteria and the cautions of using bones. Instead they asked really good questions regarding the ingredients and ingredient sources, and also the value of the live enzymes. I was able to give each of the students a copy of my book called “Living Enzymes”- the world’s best kept pet food secret. I think the attitude is changing regarding the value and acceptance of the raw diet philosophy. They were all interested in seeing the benefits that I summarized when switching to a raw meat diet. I pointed out the advantages of feeding a natural raw meat diet.

I think that once they weighed the comparisons between a heat processed diet and the raw diet it was obvious which one would offer the best advantage for the pet. I think they were given points that they had never heard before and as a result, the next time a dry product is suggested to them they will at least have an alternative choice that they can make in trying to find a suitable cure for the pet.

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