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Dog’s Diet Blamed For Everything???

Published on December 17, 2008 by in BARF

This week has been unusual in that I have received more unusual questions regarding the use of the BARF DIET and the bizzare results that are blamed for the use of it. This week I was asked if the diet was responsible for the dogs feet being turned to the side. In 32 years I have never encountered this question and I thought I had heard them all but this was one of the most unusual questions that I have been asked. Earlier this week I was also asked interesting questions regarding the importance of iodine and manganese in the diet. And lastly a lady questioned me about the copper content and how the diet might affect her dog negatively. I’m always questioned about the calories in the diet because obviously a large portion of dogs in this country are considered obese. Consumers are looking for alternatives to the ingestion of high levels of soluble carbohydrates. It is obvious that more and more consumers are paying more attention to what they are feeding their dogs. The questions are coming as a result of the exposure of the dangers and hazards of feeding processed dry kibble diets.

The raw meat diets are not the only diets that are being questioned. In the news lately are several dry food recalls that are starting to scare the public and make them question the safety and confidence that they have had in feeding a dry heat processed dog food. The question I would like to propose is “why are the vet clinics bombarded with cases of skin and allergy problem dogs and cats?” This is one of the biggest complaints that our company receives every day. Why are the dogs suffering from heart problems, kidney disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, and many other chronic ailments? Are the diets they are consuming the cause?

One has to question the reasons because the long term affect of feeding food that contains harmful ingredients and detrimental additives will eventually take it’s toll on the body and it takes it’s toll in many different forms. What are the vaccines, antibiotics and steroids doing to the immune system? How long does it take to react to these foreign invaders?

My observation is that it takes between 5 to 6 years to bring about the disease or the condition. I see it every week from the calls I receive and it is amazing that the time frame is usually around the 5 or 6 year point. I guess it is no different from feeding a child incorrectly and watching the result happen in the same length of time. The body is very resilient however, there is a point when it says WHOA- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Even though the dry diets may be responsible for the various medical conditions there is a way to reverse the trend. The mere switch to a raw meat diet (a BARF DIET) has been shown to reverse some really serious medical conditions. If you have a dog or cat that is suffering from a nutritionally deprived condition you can expect to get relief from the conversion to raw.

As guardian- the choice is yours.

posted by Rob Mueller

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