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Buying A Puppy, Beware Of Food You Feed

You bought a new puppy and you are excited to raise this new little bundle of joy with the very best of care and the best food available. You have not paid too much attention to the bad press about the dry food recalls and the Menu Foods recall scare. You are a first time dog owner and you are relying on the TV advertisements about the gourmet dog foods available on the market. You rush out to the corner pet food store or to your vet to pick up whatever they have recommended for your dog. Maybe you are convinced that the vets prescription formula is the best choice available. You know it must be the right choice for your dog because the great advertisements have convinced you of that.

Many new puppy buyers are finding out that they have initiated an improper feeding program for their new pet. Unfortunately they won’t realize this for several years because it takes a while for the improper food to do it’s damage.

Wrong gas in the car = wrong result long term. After three decades of working with new customers and their new puppies- I have seen the dramatic results of improper feeding practices. The degenerative diseases that I deal with every day are indications of the results of feeding a diet that is not biologically suited for the species. It is no different that feeding your child high levels of soluble carbohydrates for several years and watching the result of doing that. The dry kibble diets are laden with high levels of soluble carbs that are causing several medical conditions. Other than obesity we see hundreds of cases of diabetes that was never witnessed 50 years ago. These are long term results that I am referring to- not short term. In the short term period you can raise a puppy on dry heat processed food and you may see a happy, thriving, growing puppy but many of the breeds we see today are having medical issues as a result of feeding this way.

When the statistic show that over 40% of this nation’s dog population is considered obese it is time to take a strong look at why and how to stop this trend. The same trend is happening with our children and it is equally alarming. The fast food craze is the same culprit as the heat processed kibble diets. They both are harmful precursors to future health conditions.

So what do I recommend as an alternate to this way of feeding? Simple solution!!!! Feed your puppy what he/she was designed to eat according to the laws of Mother Nature. Their physiology dictates what they should be fed. Canine teeth are for ripping and tearing flesh,( not eating grains). A shortened digestive track suggests feeding a raw meat diet. Stronger stomach acids help to accentuate digestion time and eliminate toxin development. All these physiological qualities in your puppy suggest that a proper diet is a raw meat diet that mimics the natural prey found in nature. The BARF DIET is designed as MOTHER NATURES food. Follow Mother Natures advice and you will have a lifetime of health benefits for your puppy.

posted by Rob Mueller

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