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Holiday Magic And Our Pets

Published on November 26, 2008 by in BARF

This is a special time of year when it pays to stop and think about family and friends and how important it is to have them part of our life. The same magic exists when we think about the joy and satisfaction that our pets provide for us. More so than ever before have the pets in our life become such an integral part of our life. For those that have never experienced this bonding with their pets it is a life changing experience. The Holiday’s seem to open the door for family bonding and for enjoying the people and pets around us.

This year, as we experience new challenges with our economy, and financial issues, we must surround ourselves with our family, friends and our pets. Our pets provide us with un-compromised love and because of that they deserve our attention to providing them with proper care and proper choices for adequate nutrition. Why not utilize this holiday magic to make some changes in their life too. A change in their diet may make a world of difference to a dog that is having medical challenges. Every day we are being questioned about how our diet might make a difference to conditions that have been triggered by feeding improper diets. It is alarming to hear about all the problems that dogs are having as a result of ingesting heat processed food. It is so easy to make a switch to a more natural raw meat diet. We see the same things happening with human nutrition. The warnings are posted every day about the ingestion of soluble carbohydrates. The obvious observable difference is to observe the physical condition of the general public. We are a pathetic, over weight, out of shape, nation. Our pets have the same problem! When the statistics claim that over 40% of our nation’s dogs are obese, it is time to do a wake up call. I wouldn’t question the fact that our human population suffers from the same disease.

The Holidays are difficult times to start new nutrition programs. This is true for humans BUT it should not be a problem for our pets. They are dependent on us for their food and they eat what we present to them. We can make a change to their nutritional programs very easily. When we make the decision to develop our New Years resolutions – be sure to include your pets into this life changing event. They deserve it.

posted by Rob Mueller

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