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Enhancing The Immune System

The immune system is a very complicated network of cells and organs that respond to defend the body against foreign invader attacks.

The cells are able to communicate with each other through proteins called cytokines to mount a defensive attack. The body is constantly being attacked by germs, (bacteria, yeast, protozoa, and viruses). The cytokines help to defend against these microbes.

The mammalian body produces an ideal environment (warmth and moisture) for may microbes. They tend to multiply easily and rapidly in the body if the immune system isn’t able to defend against them. Symptoms or illness results from the actions of the pathological organisms.

The role of the immune system then is to recognize the dozens of different enemies and then produce “killer” cells to wipe out each one of the invaders. It is complicated because the killer cells are only released when an invader is present otherwise the immune system would be draining energy and building up secretions continuously.

The internal mechanism needed to monitor these secretions are very complicated. Sometimes, because of the complexity, the immune system produces undesired results, such as allergies and autoimmune responses.

I totally believe that the ultimate goal of any nutrient based food is to provide the very best rejuvenation of cells and allow the living enzyme systems to do their work to regulate the various bodily functions. The raw meat diets have certainly proved to be beneficial in this regard and it becomes the very key to finding out why they work better than other commercially prepared dry food diets.

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