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Kibble Feeders Beware Of Future Ailments

Why should you be concerned about my kibble dry dog food?

The commercial manufacturers have spent the time and money to research the ingredients and it is promoted as safe for my dog or cat! They spend millions of dollars advertising the product being safe and a healthful diet for my pet. Therefore, why should I convert my dog over to a raw BARF diet when my dog is doing well on the cheaper dry food?

It must be safe because millions of people are successfully feeding it to their pets. My dog looks great and likes his food, there is really no reason to change.

These are comments that we hear every day from customers that are happy feeding a cheaper dry, heat processed food.

To them all I can say is—–“Just wait- there will be a day when your decision to feed your dog that way will alter his health and well being. I can make this as a general statement but it won’t happen to all dogs and cats. Some dogs and cats may do just fine on the dry kibble diets and can live a long and rather healthy life.

However, there are thousands of dogs and cats that cannot survive properly on grain based diets. They, over time, will develop deficiencies that will lead to a various amount of degenerative diseases. We see thousands of examples of dogs primarily that exhibit signs of immune system breakdown and that leads to disease. The cases we see the most are skin and coat conditions, allergies, digestive disorders, cancers, kidney ailments, and the list goes on and on.

The veterinary clinics are busy trying to deal with all the health related issues that have been directly related to improper feeding practices.

When does it happen?

We have monitored the results for over thirty years and have seen a drastic elevation of illnesses that are directly related to the dry, heat processed ingredients. Recently we have seen a definite increase in kidney related illnesses. I would share with you that it takes about 5 to 6 years for the pet’s body to react to the continuous exposure to the chemicals, flavoring agents, preservatives, fat sprays, and the palatability enhancing agents.

The suggested veterinary prescription diets are not any better in preventing and treating these serious medical conditions. We see obesity as a major health risk in dogs as well in humans. When as many as 40% of all dogs are considered obese one has to wonder why this is an accepted condition. Have we become so accustomed to seeing fat dogs that we now think this is the way a dog should look? The resultant health conditions we see today are the result of the over exposure to the high carbohydrate content in dry food. Increases in diabetes cases are common place now.

Has the industry just found a way to INEXPENSIVELY feed dogs and cats and have researched their process to find a way to preserve the diet so that it can be fed openly without fear of spoilage? Do you really believe that the ingredient list in the kibble diets are an appropriate feeding ingredient for a dog or cat? Has anyone ever convinced you that a grain based ingredient is the proper fuel for your pet? Obviously so, if people still agree to buy a grain based dry food product for their dog or cat. The kibble dry food industry has found a way to support life on a grain based ingredient and has developed an extruded high heat process to generate a flavored grain product that along with fat sprays becomes very palatable to the pet. Is it most appropriate to feed this type of diet to your animal for long term health? We at BARF World claim it is not.

After 32 years of observing the difference in feeding raw compared to kibble, I can say without question that a raw fed dog or cat will have a much better quality of life than the grain fed animal.

posted by Rob Mueller

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